PTI workers convention denounces arbitrary cabinet announcement

CHITRAL: A largely attended workers convention of PTI Lower Chitral was held at a local hotel. The speakers including senior leaders of the party, Sartaj Ahmad Khan, Shahzada Sikandar Ul Mulk, Israr Saboor, Haji Sultan Muhammad, Muhammad Yaqub, Raziuddin, Muhammad Nazir, Sultan Muhammad Sher, Israruddin Kasana, Haji Gul Nawaz etc expressed disappointment over the way the Party leadership is ignoring the verdict of the workers.

The speakers said, a proper exercise was carried out to determine the mindset of the workers regarding formation of the district cabinets and the workers gave their verdict, but instead of honoring the workers decision an entirely different cabinet was imposed by the general secretary Malakand region which amounted to disgracing the workers verdict. The convention decided to send a delegation headed by Shahzada Sikander Ul Mulk to meet the Chief organizer of the party in Islamabad and apprise him of the worker’s concern in this regard.

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