Provision of cheap electricity: The definite path to Chitral’s progress

CHITRAL: Using the abundant waterpower to provide affordable electricity to the people of Chitral is the most feasible and viable method of putting Chitral on the path to progress. Noe only would it prevent the oak forests being shaved off, but it would usher in an era of progress and prosperity.

Any country which has provided cheap electricity to it’s people has prodded a revolution of prosperity. Small businesses and cottage industries can be set up in every home. The marble, the granite, the crush stones, the canning of fruits and herbs, the production of indigenous woolen stuff, cottage industry operated by women in every home are just a few example of how the welfare of the people can be ensured by making them productive.

At present we are in a perpetual begging mode, forever asking for imported gas, subsidies on eatables and grants and alms of all kind. We need to be provided with the energy which is our indigenous produce and begging to be utilised. A Chinese engineer once remarked in Chitral “If we had this much of water we would provide electricity to half the world”

The government is requested to provide cheap and affordable electric energy to Chitral by harnessing our water power, and then- believe it we would not be asking for any grants, aid or ‘free lunch’ of any kind. .. CN report, 27 Mar 2021

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