Protesting/approaching courts has become a norm even to get basic rights in Pakistan

CHITRAL: The recent protest movement launched in Chitral to attract attention of the government towards routine matters like repair of roads, provision of electricity and water or other such matters is an indicator of the pathetic state of governance in Pakistan. The attention of the government remains unaffected by peaceful demands and reminders, let alone routine responsibilities towards these matters, but it only gets alert when nuisance is created in the form of protests and road blocks etc. In such an eventuality the government takes knee jerk measures and quick fix solutions/promises to diffuse the situation without even bothering to verify the veracity or practicability of the demand. Such has become the normal working system of the government.

A case where the district administration had given a written undertaking to pay for a piece of road extension land to the owner within two years was not honoured was mentioned to the Secretary Good Governance lower Chitral upon which he stared blankly into the air. When he was told that the affectee has approached the court of law about it, he suddenly became alive and said that it is the only way to get the needful done. If such be the condition of governance and those supposed to monitor governance, then the people have no option but to stage demonstrations and approach the courts for even routine matters. God knows for how long will this system continue like this. .. CN report, 04 Oct 2020

2 thoughts on “Protesting/approaching courts has become a norm even to get basic rights in Pakistan

  1. There have been just too many bloody revolutions throughout the world in every age. There have been too many protests everywhere in the world. There have been too many elections everywhere in the world. Did anything change for the people? No. Nothing changed. Nothing will change. Never.
    What will bring welcome change for the people, the people simply ignore it. Ignore it at their peril.
    Just too many people friendly intellectuals came and went rubbing their hands in despair. They rubbed their hands in despair at seeing people suffer the consequences of their folly and inaction and doing everything that does NOT bring the change they need to. Such futile protests, as above, are example.
    Are there Muslims around? No we do not see Muslims anywhere. Why? What the intellectuals advised people to do is exactly what Allah, the Almighty Commanded, Muslims to do.
    Allah Commanded Muslims in words “Wahtusaymoo bay hublillahay Jumeeyah”. Do we see Jumeeyah after Jumeeyah of Muslim people in every locality, every nook and corner of the country? No. We do not see any. It proves there are no true Muslims around. So when people will not come forward to organise themselves into Jumeeyah and then organise to solve as many problems as they can through their unity (Jumeeyah) how will any problem be solved. How? People should know that it is they who have to bring the change collectively. The first change they need to bring about is, in themselves. They need to become true Muslims. True Muslims are devoid of Satan’s temptations i.e. Arrogance and Avarice. People devoid of Arrogance and Avarice can come together and unite very easily. When people start coming together regularly, they can find the peaceful route to bring every change themselves, collectively.

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