Proposed New Year Resolutions for CN readers

Following are some resolutions you should consider for the New Year

  • Every morning when you wake up, thank God for giving you the opportunity to live another day.
  • Thank God for His blessings. Never be jealous of those who are more endowed than you (at least apparently). Instead look at those who are lesser privileged..
  • Be kind. Do a deed of Kindness each day no matter how small it is and to whoever it relates amongst God’s creatures.
  • If at any time you want to feel rich, just count all the gifts you have that money can’t buy.
  • Never wish ill of anybody. If you want to compete, raise your stature on merit, instead of pulling ‘your competitor’ down.
  • Never ever lose your soul even if you were to gain the whole world in lieu
  • Always be positively oriented. Accept people for what they are instead of what they ought to have been.
  • Keep the tone of your voice low. Much of life’s problems are due to improper tone of voice. Change your tone and see the difference.
  • Your character is best portrayed by how you deal with those who cannot do anything for you and you know it
  • Be kind to animals. They ask you nothing but your ‘permission’ to live their lives on their own
  • Be simple and frugal in your daily lives. Remember a spendthrift can never grow financially no matter how much he earns.
  • Save from your income regularly and systematically. If considering investment, consider compound interest also known as ‘Munafa’ in Islamic banking system.
  • Set up saving accounts for your children at their early age to get them into the habit of saving from early and know the value of money.
  • What you regret doing in life, teach your children to avoid them, and what you regret missing out not doing motivate your children to do them.
  • If you have had an inheritance income source, try to improve upon it to leave it in a better state for your children
  •  … and last but not the least: “Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do”
  • Once again, Wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous Year 2023. .. Editor

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