Proposed new Office timings

I have a suggestion to amend the present office timings in the country. I suggest office timings in all government departments should be from one hour after fajr Azan (dawn prayer call) upto the Zohar Azan (noon prayer call)-about 8 hours duration. Advantages of the changed timings, as I perceive, are as follows.
1 – Waking for morning prayers is a basic requirement for a Muslim and most would say their prayers too when made to wake up compulsorily at that time (like we experience in Ramzan).
2 – Morning time is when human faculties are in their most efficient and creative mode. This can be used for productive work instead of sleeping.
3 -At present the afternoon prayers allowance during working hours is grossly misused with officials leaving their seats hours before on the pretext of preparing for prayers. According to the new timings, afternoon prayers time would be after office hours, so there will be no excuse to steal office working time.
4 -Enough daylight time would be available to the govt employees to attend to their personal matters after working hours.
5 -It will inculcate a healthy habit in us and we will not feel much difference while waking up for fasting in Ramazan.
6 -Even non Muslims in Pakistan would appreciate these timings, as all agree with the time old adage of ‘early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.

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