Proposal for prioritization in the Islamic teachings recommended curriculum

I have neither the qualities of religious scholars nor hold any command on Islamic knowledge like a Maulana, even I am not from such high caliber English writers who express events clearly, concisely and effectively up to the standard of readers. Any how, as a social analyst, attempt has been made through this article to open a discussion theme regarding improvement in the complicated curriculum of Islamic Teachings recommended for private Education Institutions as Pakistan level confronted common issue. For example in Class 3rd theology course student have been taught about Islamic battles it\s causes and results, before educating him how to recite the Holy Quran and the basic Islamic doctrines necessary for every Muslims to avail nearness to his creator. I am not opposing of awareness about Islamic battles but only proposing prioritization of the Islamic teachings in accordance with the conscious level of the young students in their studies. I think up to primary level students must be taught the Holy Quran as full time course to acquaint the young generation in reciting and translating the Holy Quran and other basic Islamic doctrines believed necessary for building his strong belief upon God. I fully endorse the honourable Pakistan Text Books Board recommended course for higher secondary level theology subject which is more relevant and beneficial for students to get general awareness about the Islamic civilization and important social events of the prophet, Muhammad (Peace be upon him) era.

It is clearly understood that Islam is a spiritual religion incorporated in the Holy book have been sent upon our Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) through revelation in parts ober a period of 23 years. Apart from the many reasons one striking aspect behind the divine revelation of the Holy Quranic verses in slow pace upon our Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was to explain the basic Islamic teachings thoroughly and clearly through open education available for every human beings without differentiation. Learning of the Holy book and its basic teachings have been declared obligatory to every Muslim being and adopt one’s life in accordance with the teachings of Islam is a means of salvation on the Day of Judgment. God the creator of the universe has proclaimed in the above quoted Quranic verse “The Holy Quran has reveled upon you people, is simple and understandable for every human being who wish to learn the heavenly book and think over to adopt it in his social life”.

Islamic Educationist through presentation of Quranic teachings in the shape of advance courses might be thinking to compete with fast moving complicated scientific achievements. Definitely Science has also been derived from the Holy Quran, but science is in the endeavor of captivation of universe that is why changes occurring in the atomic and social sciences syllabus from time to time. Such changes in the Islamic Education Courses at least primary level seem irrelevant and ridiculous may leads towards ignorance of our mostly young generation from the Quranic perception and the basic Islamic Creeds deem necessary in the character building of our future Scientists, Doctors, Engineers, Educationist, Politicians and Social Workers so and so, for the salvation of his inner soul. In my opinion failure in the representation of the true picture of Islam in the social life has widened the gap between various stake holders, has given birth to many fold Islamic Education Systems encouraged religious rivalry and has infused extremism in the society.

In addition to above discussed qualitative benefits, introduction of the proposed basic Quranic Teachings, with due recommendation of Islamic Scholars in each Govt: and Non-govt: educational institutions will create more theology teachers vacancies to accommodate unemployed graduates of the Islamic Madaris. Provision of employment opportunities for the presently deprived groups of our society will be considered as quantitative benefit will further play bridging role between the long separated Islamic Organizations/Scholars to sit together and to chalk out a joint strategy to develop a solo Islamic system for interpretation of Islamic Laws in solving the confronting National level social life religious issues will pave way to diminish extremism and release tension from the society

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