Promoting Tourism in Chitral

Recently, the Pakistan Mountain Festival arranged a ?live painting competition? in Islamabad participated about 45 students reflected their love for the mountains and its culture through variety of colours and treatment in oil-on-canvas. The Hunza and Kalash women, culture and heritages were themes for the participating. It is a good step for awareness but merely painting is not sufficed to promote tourism. Planning and planning no actions like Shakespearian?s Hamlet is quite discrimination against this nature-rich tourist station.
Indeed, Kalash valleys are not only treasure of tourist but also have a potential of tourist attraction in the world. Boasting of its cradling to tourism friendly environment, cool, serene atmosphere, natural picturesque like dazzling and enchanting streams, green appalled mountainous, fresh water, air and unique culture, heritage and tradition.

Main objective of the Tourism Policy KP-2015: to establish KP as a preferred tourist destination, to invite at least PKR50 billion investments in tourism sector over the next five years, improve quality of tourism services and products. Main paradigm shift: to make government Regulator and Facilitator rather than Implementer. Key areas: Development of tourism and allied infrastructure (e.g Parks & Cultural Centres, Toilets, Rest Areas, Signage etc). Marketing and image building (e.g web portal, publications, documentaries, fairs). New products, new areas (archaeological, cultural, religious, historic, adventure tourism etc). Resort, Restaurant, Museum & Art Gallery, Art & Craft Shops ,Hill Climbing, Meditation Center, Tuck Shops, Jogging Tack, Parking Areas, Basic Health Unit, Backup Power Generation Facilities.
Sitting Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism is also belonged to District Chitral, so it a smart chance for her to utilize her possible efforts to bring Kalash valleys in the mainstream of PKP50 billion investments in tourism sector over the next five year or at least to allocate a special package for three sister village of Kalash. We appreciates sitting government Tourism Policy KP 2015, however, we wants that Kalash valleys may also be included in the ?five years proposed implementation plan? and ?list of final potential projects for investment?. Only highlighting Kalash valleys via ?live painting? by the federal government is not a just parity. — Ashrafuddin Peshawar, 16 Dec 2016.

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  1. Mr. Ashrf-ud-Din has narrated the importance of proper planning for promoting tourism industry in District Chitral. The writer has successfully highlighted the areas to be covered in the planning. We have a rich culture besides precious antiques, locally made handicrafts various spectacular tourist points which has a potential to lure the attraction of the tourists. The winter clothing such as Chitrali Chogha, woolen waistkot, woolen caps, silky sewed ladies caps, woolen shawls are very popular which needs proper marketing at specific venues of trade. The foreign tourists are fond of visiting Kalash valleys to see the exclusive culture of Kalash tribe. We need to prepare documentaries and literature to highlight the peculiarities of the different culture and festivals of Kalssh. The educated class can play a vital role in this respect. I remember that one of the Pakistani drama reflecting the Kalash culture stood first in international competition and was awarded first prize.

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