Presidential system need of the hour for Pakistan

CHITRAL: What the gentleman is saying in the video below is not only thought provoking but the need of the hour. Presidential system is a down graded version of the system of ‘Meritocracy‘, or we can call it the ‘next best thing’. The only point to consider is, if we attach the word ‘Islamic’ with it, we would not be able to honour the name, It would open up controversies of “which Islamic system? that of of Sunnis, Shias, Barelvis, Deobandi etc etc?. It would be better to implement the Islamic principles in consonance with universal laws of humanity but not put the label of “Islamic” on it. After all the present name of Pakistan is “Islamic republic” but how many hands are chopped for theft.?

Now that the iron is hot, the true and selfless patriots of Pakistan (if any) should strike without second thoughts at whatever cost it may incur. .. CN report .. 19 Jan 2022

4 thoughts on “Presidential system need of the hour for Pakistan

  1. The moment Pakistan starts functioning with the new Presidential system, a marked improvement will be seen in all spheres of governance and economy and wasteful overhead expenditures on bloated government machinery and the associated collateral corruption will be reduced to minimum.

  2. No one anywhere in the world is seen to be interested in overthrowing the shackles of slavery they have allowed to be put upon themselves. Do we not hear “The people of the USA are free and democratic”? Who tells us the foregoing? The Mafiosi that enslave the so-called free and democratic people of the USA.
    What is the proof? Just too many. It is said that quite a few Presidents of the USA dared to give the people of the USA, a State financed Health Service. The Presidents failed to do so. Why? The Mafiosi will not allow it. Rather instead US taxpayer’s money is used to give them wars after wars. All phoney wars. Why? The War Mafia makes millions upon millions of dollars through such phoney wars. Do the people of the USA have democracy? No. Is there democracy anywhere in the world? No.
    The people throughout the world do not work for the democracy, so do not get it, will never get it. Many a people friendly intellectual have come and gone rubbing their hands in despair seeing the slavery people bring upon themselves because of their own inaction. These intellectuals advised people to organise their own Peoples’ Union to work to bring about democracy. Such a wonderful idea has fallen on the deaf ears of the people.
    Are there Muslims around? No. There is no sign of existence of Muslims around. How can one tell? The absence of Peoples’ Union in the form of Peoples’ Jumeeyah in every nook and corner of countries spanning from Morocco to Indonesia is the proof.
    If there were Muslims around, they would come together to join hands with each other to organise their Jumeeyah in the localities where they live so that they could establish, collectively Almighty’s rule by making the practice of Udl wul Ehsaan outpouring in the habits and practices of every soul.
    Was there a King or a Ruler when Muslims showed the responsibility of establishing and running an Islamic State in Mudeenah? No. None whatsoever. What made the people take that responsibility? They were true to their Kalimah thus showed the Kalimah in their deeds. Thus, had no trouble in joining hands with each other to establish Almighty’s Government. Today we do not see many people showing the Kalimah in their deeds, hence not one Islamic State. What more? There is no chance of seeing it in the near future. Why? Muslims are in short supply everywhere. Calling oneself Muslim is one thing, proving of being a Muslim is another thing.

  3. “Ya umara ki ek jannat ho gee”. (A.K.Azad 20 sep 1846, khitab berun Delhi ) and umara will keep their jannat as it’s

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