Pre-Aftari squabble takes one life in Broze village

CHITRAL: A squabble between young men in Domun village of Broze Lower Chitral turned serious which caused the death of one person. As per details received two brothers got into altercation with their 30 year old neighbour Lateefur Rehman, which resulted in the death of the later due to knife wounds. It may be pointed out that due to low sugar levels and diminished tolerance, petty squabbles and altercations are common during the pre-Iftari time in Ramazan, but the loss of life as a result of such quarrels is a rare phenomenon.

One thought on “Pre-Aftari squabble takes one life in Broze village

  1. Those who can not over come their anger in the holy month of Ramadan should not be fasting. The consequence of their low sugar level must not culminate in the loss of some one else’s life or even their own life (in many cases).

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