Power to the people -with social media, the new tool

Chitral: The ongoing effective?boycott of buying fruit from the market due to it’s?artificially inflated prices is a gleaming example of the growing power of social media.

Since the last two decades the world has transformed so rapidly as not seen in the last 200 years. Electronics have revolutionized the world?at a lightening speed.

The negative fallout of this new media may be the lessening in physical interaction between human beings, but intellectually the whole mankind is wired together because of it. A witty joke or a clever cartoon conceived by someone in Portugal gets circulated all over the world in a blink of an?eye.?Similarly pieces of information hitherto obscure to the majority are shared and received by everyone holding a smart phone.

One profession?which the social media?has hit hard is the profession of politics. It has now become difficult for politicians to get away with all the trash they have been feeding people?without being reprimanded,?thanks to the social media.

On the successful culmination of the ongoing?fruit boycott drive, the?social media would take on other sectors of unscrupulous social exploitation, which would never have been addressed by the government?as it is?beyond it’s capacity to do so. .. CN report, 04 June 2017.

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