Post border attack, introspection required

The tragic incident of infiltrators from across the border attacking our security posts at Arandu and causing gross casualties should be an eye opener for all who have the responsibility to protect the geographical frontiers..

Whether it be the Minister, the MNA, the ex MNAs or any other politician, all have addressed press conferences demanding increase of scouts force, increase of their equipment, increase in the compensation for the Shuhada etc.

What was not heard was the demand to improve the combat effectiveness of the Chitral scouts and border police through rigorous training and objective employment of the soldiers. It is no secret that traditionally (since late 1970s) bulk of the Chitral scouts soldiers have been staying at home on forced leave, God knows for what reasons!.

Due to peaceful environment in the area over the decades, Chitral Scouts have developed a finesse for ostentatious peacetime activities. The splendid stables, outstanding polo players, unmatched protocol arrangements, flamboyant quarter guards and nimble troupe dancers, all would look good only if combat worthiness also matches the expertise in these fields.

The people of Chitral love their Scouts and almost every family has someone attached with the Scouts one way or the other. We would like our Scouts to thrive as a victorious force specially in its primary task i.e. the test of combat whenever the occasion arises.

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