Positive change via mosques and madrasas

The institution of Mosque is basic and essential to the faith and practice of Muslims world wide. Though the mosque is primarily meant for offering prayers, but over the years it has become instrumental in providing a platform for religious figures to digress from the religious limits and put forth their worldly views vis a vis politics, current affairs etc.

Because the pulpit has not been controlled and monitored, views of imams based on their ideological and sectarian preferences have blared through the loud speakers long enough to divide the Muslim umma and instill ideologies not friendly to the basic concept of Islam or humanity. The result we see as manifested in the vicious happenings around the world mostly tracing their roots to indoctrinations from the pulpit.

That, proliferation of mosques and religious seminaries (madrasas) has established the influence of this institution even in worldly parameters, why do we not consider using the mosque to bring about the desired change in our lives and our future. At present the standard sermons in mosques are mostly stereo type not having a lasting effect on listeners (except the sermons breathing fire and hatred towards others).

Why can’t the government through a national plan, reform the speeches given in mosques to include character building and pro humanity lessons. Why can’t the government launch a Jehad through the mosques to reform the moral fiber of the nation, and stress upon being good humans before anything else. The world whom we consider advanced and progressive has but one thing in common and that is the value of human being which they fiercely guard. Why cannot we instill this belief in our people through the already existent platform of mosques and madrasas.

A large majority of the population who are not satisfied with the role of mosques and madrasas in character building of the people, will become fans and supporters of mosques, if it starts producing good human beings. Though schools and colleges can play similar role, but the influence a mosque has on a muslim’s life, no school or college can match it. So let us move for a better Pakistan, and a better image of Islam starting from Pakistan.

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