Poor country! ridiculously priced burgers in Lahore eateries

..  by Maham Ahmad 

When looking for something cheap and fulfilling, certain items really do hit the spot, like a big, tender, juicy burger with all the right fixings. Burgers have gone from a basic and timeless food item into a classic specialty, which has prompted gourmet chefs in Pakistan to create luxurious and decadent burgers with quality ingredients and specialized cooking techniques.

It was not long ago that burgers were essentially cheap, whether it meant buying the ingredients yourself or getting one at a restaurant. All burgers simply consisted of a meat patty on a bun, often preferred with the quintessential ketchup, and perhaps some lettuce, tomatoes, and onions.

Never one to fall behind on food trends, arguably the food capital of Pakistan has some of the finest restaurants with upscale burgers on their menus that are expensive but delectable, and definitely must-try for foodies.

Let us take a look at the top five most ridiculously priced burgers in Lahore. Read complete story from  Source

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