Politics in Pakistan getting nonsensical by the day

CHITRAL: The rate at which the quality of politics is deteriorating in Pakistan is a forewarning that politics is seeing it’s end time. Politicians are no more venerated and even the best amongst the lot have heavy baggage of unreliability and untrustworthiness on their backs.

A politician saying one thing today and after few days/months, saying just the opposite is a normal feature which has caused the political leaders to loose there reverence in the eyes of the people.

Political meetings which once would arouse interest and enthusiasm amongst the people are now no more than ‘tamashas’  (event of entertainment). There is no inspiration in the speeches of politicians and those who manage to kindle inspiration temporarily, soon act in a manner to stub that inspiration.

Politicians who talk tall against the role of the millitary in politics soon get to terms when their tails are twisted or favours offered to them. Principled politics is a thing of the past and every one now considers politics a game of manipulation and pragmatism.

We are a poor and hard pressed country. Instead of wasting time on the luxury of futile political games which only limits the country to go round and round in a circle of no joy, a robust, no nonsense, apolitical, matter of fact, government should be set up with the only objective to deliver, instead of playing cat and mouse games of politics. .. CN report, 14 Dec 2020

3 thoughts on “Politics in Pakistan getting nonsensical by the day

  1. اِک عمر چاہئیے قطرے کو گوہر ہونے تک : “ غلام ذہن کو آزاد ہونے تک”

  2. Our politics is indeed funny. Children of controversial politicians have taken over the reigns of their parent’s political parties. These children don’t know even the salient features of the manifestos of the parties they are leading. (b.t.w even their parents didn’t know it).

  3. The only people who can remedy everything going wrong in the country are the sufferers i.e. the people at large. The people at large are not interested in coming out to join hands with each other to make things better for them. With such an attitude of carelessness on the part of sufferers i.e. the people things will never never improve. Everyone should understand this. The intellectuals among the masses need to come out and mobilises people to come out to unite, & then organise to work for their common betterment and security. The intellectuals among the people must follow the policy of common leadership. If they do not, things will get only worse for them. No one but the people themselves are to blame to allow those who bring troubles upon them due to peoples’ neglect and inaction.

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