Politicians visiting Chitral; Elections on the anvil?

Chitral — As per past record, whenever general elections approached, it was preceded by visits of political leaders of different parties interested in participating in elections from Chitral. Prime minister Nawaz Sharif has visited Chitral a couple of times and announced projects which is clear indication of approaching elections most probably in early 2017 (if the existing system continues). Leaders of Jamaat Islami, JUI, ANP have recently either visited or have announced their visit dates to Chitral, which definitely is an indication that fresh elections are going to be held much before 2018.— CN report, 10 Oct 201.

2 thoughts on “Politicians visiting Chitral; Elections on the anvil?

  1. If elections are held under the present system, it will mean more of the same dissillusionment regardless who wins. The system should first be changed to presidential form with many more positive reforms and then elections held, if at all they are necessary

  2. Agreed with the comment.The local govt system is enough of democracy. People are involved in electing representatives at the grass root level. No need to have elections for MNAs, MPAs Senators etc. These can be selected through NTS system,so that capable persons are selected who can deliver service according to their responsibility. Presently, elected MNAs, MPAs, senators, are mostly incompetent people who don’t know their job, thus a burden on the exchequer and the governance system. This is one big cause of Pakistan’s under development.

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