Politicians should pass a qualifying test before contesting elections.

CHITRAL: The general feeling with the public in Pakistan is that Bureaucrats and Armed forces personnel are much smarter than politicians and they easily manipulate the latter and make an easy work of them whenever they want.

If one is to ponder over the reasons for such a feeling among the masses which is to a great extent near to reality, we would quickly conclude that because the bureaucrats and armed forces personnel go through an elaborate selection system and thereafter are trained properly, they tend to be more capable and smarter than the politicians who are always wading roughshod through the quagmire of politics with lying, cheating, hypocrisy, rigging of votes etc always pulling the person down.

The way to bring politicians at par with (or even better than) bureaucrats or army personnel, there should be a proper eligibility criteria before a politician is allowed to run for office. A proper intelligence and IQ test followed by a medical examination should be mandatory for a politician to qualify for competing in an election. At present, elections are made a joke of, where even morons and half insane people are allowed to contest elections. The irony is that some of these even get elected! and take up the destiny of the people in their hands... CN report, 17 Nov 2019

One thought on “Politicians should pass a qualifying test before contesting elections.

  1. True. Former Chief Ministers of Sindh and Baluchistan are good examples of how unfit politicians get to hold high office, regardless of their intellectual or mental health..

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