Police officials sermon against drugs in Friday congregations

CHITRAL: In a first time phenomenon, Chitral police officials in both the districts took the help of the pulpit of mosques to appeal to the prayer goers to discourage drug usage among the population specially the youth who are being degenerated because of this menace. They appealed to point out to the police, identity of the drug pushers and also identify any one cooperating with the drug pushers. District Police Officer Waseem Riaz while addressing the faithful at the Shahi Masjid said Chitral was a beautiful and peaceful place and the people can help in keeping it so by organizing local committees to keep a vigilance over drug usage and they can assist the police in this regard. The gesture by the police has been largely appreciated by the people and many expressed hope that regular such sermons on social ills like bribery, commission gulping, favoritism, nepotism, etc would be rendered by concerned officials. .. CN report, 25 jan 2019

One thought on “Police officials sermon against drugs in Friday congregations

  1. This is a welcome step. I have for long been advocating that the pulpit of the mosque is the best place to preach Huqooq ul Ibaad, beside of course being used for the purpose of fulfilling the obligatory ritual of offering prayers. If Government officials are made to come in front during Friday prayers and speak about their performance especially with respect to honesty, integrity and truthfulness, many a ‘pious’ official would be put to shame by the act. This would be a natural act of accountability much more effective than any NAB or Anti corruption or any such dispensation.

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