Prime Minister Pakistan to visit Chitral in a week’s time

Chitral — Prime Minister Pakistan Nawaz Sharif is likely to visit Chitral, in a week’s time and address a public meeting here, it was learnt from reliable sources. PML(N) Chitral has started ground work for the Prime Minister’s public meeting — CN report, 01 Sep 2016

7 thoughts on “Prime Minister Pakistan to visit Chitral in a week’s time

  1. During his visit Prime Minister should clearly announce that the lowari Tunnel would be inaugurated in December this year as he has repeatedly announced earlier. He should not accept any delay from the NHA as they are saying it would be opened in March next year which is disobeying the PM’s orders.

  2. Didn’t pm give a big package before election of that area : if I am right didn’t he not promise building roads . Airport. Dams in that area then what happened : when pm comes why don’t people ask him about those promises or raise issue of lowri tunnel . Air port. Dam power generation locally via small dams on local river : chitral is beautiful area but with out infrastructure beauty is in basement demand development all kind of infrastructure

  3. PML(N) proclaimed to bring the stolen money back and imprison the culprits, finish loadshading in three months and it’s almost over 3 years now. What did they do with those promises? I don’t believe they care for any such promises or what the public health requires. They are worried more about their own profits and their business. So not to be over excited about this visit is anyone bluffs.

  4. Let us see if Nawaz Sharif keeps his promise and announces that the Lowari Tunnel will be completed by December this year.

  5. Looks like we are still living in Mughal era. No systematic allocation of funds. Mughal his highness would visit the area, people would celebrate his arrival and he would announce billions. If we believe this is the right way of fighting for our rights, we live in a fools paradise. Actually this is the exact reason why lahore would get half of Pakistans development budget and rural places like Chitral would not get even their fair share.

  6. Chitralis are short sighted and only hungry for funds. They don’t want a better Pakistan for their children. Nawaz Sharif believes in buying people as for him money is the answer to all issues. Somebody who is working for the future of our children in the person of Imran Khan is not popular with Chitralis because he does not dish out funds blindly but stresses upon improving the system and it’s institutions. What a pity.

  7. Here are few steps that any government must and should do to bring Chitral to full development level :1) build roads all across chitral including lowri tunnel :2) build small dams all across chitral for water storage and power generation :3) build a good size air port : 4) build couple of good university and few grade colleges, and high school for every locacaltiy :5) encourage small industries :5 promote tourism and for that provide basic and ultimate security have private sector build great hotels : ultimate security and justice is guarantee for free movement of people which in turn will bring people for tourism :6) provide clean drinking water and lot more and it won’t cost whole lot of money either

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