Please watch this video clip before entering Ramazan

CHITRAL: Muslims are ready to enter the holy month of Ramazan in a few days. While all the fervour and importance is given to the physiological aspect of the month, no heed is paid to the moral lessons this holy month is supposed to teach muslims. The video below shows the character fiber of prayer goers at a Pakistani mosque where foot wear have to be chain locked so that they are not stolen away by other prayer goers. The numerous religious organisations of the government and the Ulema councils etc need to address this issue before talking of anything Islamic, let alone ‘Madina ki Riasat’ bla, bla. etc. .. CN report, 10 Apr 2021

2 thoughts on “Please watch this video clip before entering Ramazan

  1. In our religion, stealing is haraam, but these prayer goers are stealing shoes right in the mosque. What does this mean? Either religion is not interpreted properly by clerics or stealing is not considered a sin for them and thus for their followers.

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