Please end high handedness of NHA at Lowari tunnel

Chitral: An incomprehensible people-unfriendly schedule for Lowari Tunnel opening continues forever torturing travelers making them wait on either side of the tunnel for hours before allowing them to travel through it. Also the tunnel is being used as one way tunnel whereas it is designed and fit as two way tunnel. If one-way was to be used then why was it widened with billions of rupees extra expenditure. Actually there is no leadership in Chitral to challenge the cruelty and high handedness of the NHA.

The torture continues – File photo

A senior banker Haji Inamullah who travels frequently through the tunnel in the course of his duty says it is sheer ‘badmaashi’ at the tunnel, stopping travelers at the mouth of the tunnel for hours without any valid reason. Badiu Rahman Chitrali, central information secretary Tehrik Tahafuz Pakistan has requested the new government to solve this problem and end high handedness of NHA in torturing the people at the Lowari tunnel for no reason. .. CN report, 11 Aug 2018

One thought on “Please end high handedness of NHA at Lowari tunnel

  1. Some people would say there was no tunnel before and people traveled over the pass loosing their lives so we should be thankful for the few hours we are allowed to pass through. It is like saying there were no clothes before and humans wore animal skins so we should be be satisfied even wearing torn clothes. Settling for less is our weakness. We are afraid of asking for our due rights.

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