Please Ban Unhealthy Snacks Sold to Children

Dear Sir,

Through your prestigious News and Views service, I request the District Chitral administration to ban the production,import and sale of unhealthy snacks in Chitral. These artificial chips, slanties and other snacks made of injurious material, some having plastic traces, are Unhealthy snacks need to be bannedopenly sold in school canteens and shops. Children become addicted to them and some refuse to go to school unless provided with these items for their break time snack. The health of otherwise genetically healthy Chitralis is being systematically destroyed by eating substandard food whether it is cooking oil, flour, rice or snacks openly sold in the markets.

Chitral is an easy district to manage. As a test case a strict rule should be implemented where adulterated foodstuff and medicines, at least those sold directly to Children should be banned and defaulters harshly? punished. .. Afzal Khan, Chitral 18 Jan 2019

One thought on “Please Ban Unhealthy Snacks Sold to Children

  1. Dear Sir,

    It is one of the core issues of Chitral. Many children suffered serious diseases due to these types of unhealthy stuff. It is a responsibility of district administration to ban on these types of stuff. Hope the district administration will take action.


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