Please ban harmful snacks and ice cream from schools vicinity

Dear Sir,
Through your esteemed online news and views website I would appeal to the District Administration of both Chitrals to ban harmful chips, popsicles and cone ice creams from the school canteens and vicinity of schools. The health of our children is being destroyed by these unhealthy snacks to which the children have become addicted to.

If a person observes children outside primary schools at school closing time, one can invariably see most children holding a packet of chips or a cone ice cream from a nearby machine, in their hands. These items are composed of grossly harmful ingredients. The health of the young children can be observed to be frail and the natural beauty of their other wise beautiful genes been mutilated by substandard and harmful snacks.

The request has been made earlier also on a number of occasions but the practice of destroying the health of our children continues unabated. I once again request the administration to consider this problem as serious and do something effective about it. Thanks .. Abdul Rashid, Chitral 21 May 2022

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