PIA takes a big unannounced jump in Chitral fares

CHITRAL: PIA has taken a big jump in fares of it’s Islamabad-Chitral flights without making any announcement to the effect. It may be pointed out that a couple of months back when PIA decided on the said fares to be Rs 6000/- there was much advertisement and hype about it on the media, but the said fare decision did not last even a month.

A regular PIA passenger travelling recently from Islamabad to Chitral told CN that when he went to buy the ticket at the PIA main office in Islamabad, he was shocked to hear that the ticket price had risen to Rs 8300/- from Rs 6000/- in one jump. He said salt was added to his injury when at the airport check in desk, he was asked to pay additional Rs 620/- as new tax imposed by civil aviation. “The total amount on a ticket from Islamabad to Chitral cost me Rs 8920/- as against Rs 6000/- a month back”, he said.  .. CN report, 23 May 2021

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