PIA slaughters goat before clearing ATR aircraft for flight

Chitral — In an unusual move, Pakistan International Airline slaughtered a black goat as sacrifice before clearing it’s?second ATR aircraft for flight after a shake down inspection at Islamabad airport. Whatever the religious connotation of this act be, it sure has shaken the trust?of passengers who now feel PIA itself is not confident about the health of it’s?aircraft and is now resorting to sacrificing goats to ward off accidents caused by?technical failures / incompetency. — CN report, 18 Dec 2016.

4 thoughts on “PIA slaughters goat before clearing ATR aircraft for flight

  1. There is no limit to PIA management’s nonsense, to say the least. Now they will operate planes, with faulty engines, through prayers and sacrifice as their own efficiency is at question. I will not be surprised if they keep a black goat in the cockpit of all ATRs, ready for sacrifice when the engines stop working. There is a greater need for the sacrifice (termination) of the corrupt and incompetent managers and staff than of a black goat.

  2. Anas (radi Allahu anhu) reported that a person asked Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam), ?Should I tie my camel and have Tawakkul (trust in Allah for her protection) or should I leave her untied and have Tawakkul.? Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) replied, ?Tie her and have Tawakkul.? (Hasan) [Jami At-Tirmidhi]
    Leaving every thing to God without doing own duty will result in what has happened.
    No wonder if there was corruption while purchasing the Bakra. Sad to say so, but it is like that!

  3. The only solution of all these problems regarding PIA is its privatization. If the air line is privatized all these problems will be resolved gradually. Until the air line is under govt control there will be no improvement in the system and inefficiency further multiply. Not only PIA, but WAPDA, Steel Mill, Railway are symbol of corruption. Govt spend up to Rs. 600 billion for lose making of these institutions annually and these must be privatized as soon as possible. Because doing business is not the business of government.

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