PIA at it’s worst. Total confusion and adhocism in operations

CHITRAL: Despite the tall claims by PIA management of improving service standard in the airline, the facts speak to the contrary. A flight Pk 894 from Islamabad to Kuala lumpur on 16 Dec 2019 was delayed by 8 hours and most passengers coming from villages were not informed and had t reach 11 hours in advance at the airport. Similarly the flight PK 895 scheduled from Kualaumpur to Islamabad on 27 Dec was delayed by 13 hours. Passengers including ladies and children were seen standing in a line all this time with no arrangement of any kind by PIA for compensating them.

The check in staff at the KL airport comprised of two Malaysian women who clearly looked leftovers, not very efficient, while there was no semblance of discipline and organisation. Inside the plane, the hosts were burly bearded men instead of the traditional air hostesses. There was nothing to feel good about the PIA service. Many passengers raised hue and cry and chanted slogans against the PIA. Many vowed aloud that they would never again travel by PIA no matter how much preaching of patriotism is done to lure passengers, unless the PIA comes upto the minimum standards of service. It appeared as if there is an ongoing planned movement to fail PIA and discredit the government. .. CN report, 29 Dec 2019

4 thoughts on “PIA at it’s worst. Total confusion and adhocism in operations

  1. Our hearts bleed when we read about the falling standard of service of the PIA. May Allah help us out from this worst situation of institutional fiasco in Pakistan!

  2. The staff manning the PIA are experienced hardcore burden and and all time ‘muft khoray’. Nothing and no one can put them correct because they have seasoned over the years. It is only a wishful dream if any one thinks they will sort them out. The only answer is to privatise and get rid of this perpetual pain in the neck. Otherwise it is all bla bla meaning nothing except ‘continuation of the same’.

  3. Well, the first thing in business is reliability and trust. The next area is customer service, unfortunately everything is missing. The biggest excuse is religion, one day I was travelling to Karachi and the flight was late, two times I went to the counter. They had no information, just pretending that there is prayer time and sahab is coming and he will be able to tell you. After 30 minutes I again approached the counter I have been informed that there is no plan available they are waiting a plan from Lahore. So, this is the situation. It is not PIA we are losing everywhere, we have no moral values left we are like a dead nation.
    I am travelling from Turkish Airlines, Emirates and Qatar Airways frequently. They have international staff, all of them they respect religion as we do or more practical. They have adopted best practices around the globe, best dealing, attracting customers, great meals and even serving liquors for the people they use. We just made PIA only for Pakistanies, if you cannot think globally you can never be successful as the world is like global village. Why PIA was top international airlines in 60s because it was adopting all requirements of the passengers globally.
    We are trying to make it Halal Airline just to excuse, hide our deficiencies and leave room for corruption.

    1. Agree with your opinion. Making PIA a Halal airline does not only mean to make it alcohol free,or to replace Air hostesses with bearded stewards It also means that the staff work honestly and diligently and make their ‘rozi’ halal. It also means that the poor captive passengers are not exploited, it also means that the airline gives back what the passengers pay for in real terms. Claiming to be Halal is easy said but it has a lot of responsibilities with it also, The PIA should realise this.

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