People walk backwards in Lora Lai to increase longevity!

Chitral: Human beings are forever prone to believing in superstitions of all kinds. Whether it is a black cat crossing your path , not cutting nails at night or not travelling south on a Friday etc are but some examples of the frailty of human beings when it comes to believing in superstitions. Even in a developed and educated country like Japan people have followed a cult leader who asked them to cut their wrists so that he could lead them into heaven.

In the remote town of Lora Lai Balochistan province of Pakistan, people believe that if they walk backwards one day in a year their aging will be delayed. A psychological assumption that reversing the walk could affect reversing the aging process.

.. CN report, (video from facebook) 22 Sep 2018? ? ??

One thought on “People walk backwards in Lora Lai to increase longevity!

  1. Although I would take the video with a pinch of salt as it has been taken from the Facebook and could very well be an edited video (reverse play), but Walking backwards is definitely a beneficial exercise. It has been termed ‘retro-walking’. “Retro-walking has shown to have great benefits for rehabilitating from injury, preventative exercise, and increase performance. Retro-walking can enhance balance, mobility, coordination, strength, and sustainability”.

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