People reluctant to donate to govt managed charity funds?

CHITRAL: When the late Abdul Sattar Eidhi (pride of humanity) would spread his cloth sheet on the pavements of Karachi’s streets, money would start falling on it like rainfall, ranging from a few rupees to millions in bank checks. This would happen because people trusted Eidhi. His selfless service to humanity over the decades and his humble life style were enough of assurance to the people that their money would be used well and for the purpose being donated.

In Pakistan today, the government is appealing to the people to come forward and donate to the relief work after the devastating floods that have inflicted carnage in the country. The response is not encouraging. The reason is because people do not trust government functionaries. They have witnessed it over the decades that much of such donations have been misused, embezzled and frittered in ways, leaving little for the affectees.

Pakistan: Unbecoming of a near-bankrupt country

It is not only hard core corruption that is the problem of Pakistan. It is the soft core corruption in the form of institutionalised wastage of public money that is now the more troublesome problem. The inflated government system is too heavy for the economy. Where the used to be a DC and an AC running the district ,now there are a battery of Additional, Assistant, Extra Assistant … commissioners all with similarly inflated lower staff and using expensive vehicles on free fuel. This kind of burden on the economy cannot be sustained without taking continuous loans, to sustain this sordid system.

When government officials right from the President/Prime Minister/Army Chief decide to adopt austere and minimalist lifestyles and drive the example down to the lowest level, cutting down overhead expenditures by 60 percent, people will develop trust in them  and donate as they would to Sattar Eidhi. .. CN report, 30 Aug 2022

3 thoughts on “People reluctant to donate to govt managed charity funds?

  1. Every year when there are floods, we start begging the world for alms and aid. We never take any measures to pre-empt such predictive phenomena. The international community should not give cash as it will be eaten up by those handling it. Instead the international community should provide technical assistance and equipment to make dams, embankments, reforestation etc which will check such calamities.

  2. the top ten wealthiest persons of the country including 2 richest politicians are silent, first appeals party workers to generously help- khud khamush, second said ‘tabiat ki kharabi ki wajeh sa silabzadgan ma ney jasskta but no help, why should other care for us.

  3. We are hearing on TV and news media that hundreds of billions Rupees have been collected through fund raising for the flood affectees. This money must be made public and audited transparently to be seen by every one. Also it’s expenditure must be made fully public so that everyone knows the reality. If anyone making false claims on receiving donations should also be questioned publicly.

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