People loosing interest in politics

Chitral — Pakistan is one country where politics has been the main past time of people owing largely to the dearth of other forms of entertainment. The main beneficiaries of this have been the political parties and political personalities. Chitral has been one place very prominent where every second person is a politician who likes to be called a ‘leader’ of one political party or another. One popular place for political debates have been the side rooms (kotakei) of mosques, where instances recorded in the past of men grabbing each others throats during debates favouring their political parties or leaders.

The intense involvement in politics of the common man seems waning today as more and more people are getting disillusioned with political parties and politicians. The recent example of the much trumpeted visit of Jamaat Islami leader Sirajul Haq to Chitral is a case in point. Despite using all the resources of the highly organized Jamat Islami and even enticing people with free lottery prizes for participants of the public meeting, the show up was much below expectations, proving the point that people are loosing interest in politics.

Talking to a few people on the issue, CN observed that now people want solid service delivery instead of void political slogans. Today if politics is wound up, a ban is imposed on all political parties and a technocrat government is set up to run the country, majority of the people would welcome it.

One thought on “People loosing interest in politics

  1. People on the contrary must unite and organise themselves by coming together regularly in their localities, in their villages where they live. They need to organise Peoples Co-operative Consultative Committees (Jumeeyah) in every locality, in every village in order to be able to participate in matters that affect their common welfare and security. People should know that no one will come for France or Germany to teach them how become and remain Muslims. When people will start such a process they will see how their knowledge about what is happening in their surrounding areas is improving phenomenally.
    The Almighty (Allah) has Commanded people to organise themselves as described above. Are there people around who pledge, night and noon to obey no one but the Almighty? So what happened to their pledge when one fails to see even a single Jumeeyah of the people who make such promises. Let me warn people that their betrayal of their pledge (Kalimah) means they make themselves deserving for Almighty’s punishment which we all can see people bringing upon themselves because of their disobedience to the Almighty.
    The people must realise that if they all do not come out to work for their betterment, things will never get better for them. Everyone wants justice. True? So how many among the people at large uphold justice in their thoughts, words and deeds. How many? This is the question everyone among the people must ask themselves. So if people do not practice justice how will justice be a commonly found practice. How? So to make their country heaven or hell is in the hands of everyone. No one should ever forget this. The people, all of them must remember that the people, people at large lay their trust on, are good for nothing. The people who can make or break their country are the people at large.

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