Pathetic standard of Parliament: System for selection of parliamentarians need be changed

CHITRAL: The display of indecency and uncouthness in the parliament surpassed all previous such furores witnessed at the time of presentation of Budgets in the past. Although a few cases of infighting in the parliaments elsewhere in the world are on record, but such cases are rare and far apart. In Pakistan’s parliament, display of indecency has become the new norm.

Pathetic state of Pakistan’s parliament

As long as the present system of formation of parliament through elections continues, such parliamentarians will keep ‘gracing’ the parliament. If instead, parliamentarians are selected through competitive exams, decent, educated and cultured individuals will enter the august houses and also deliver well. Elections would be found to be the source of ills, if deeply examined. Firstly during conduct of elections the candidates are compelled to tell lies and make false promises which they know they cannot fulfill, then there are internecine infighting and antagonism amongst candidates and their supporters which linger long after the elections are over. Election system even makes politico-religious persons indulge in hypocrisy to garner votes, and all kinds of negativism is witnessed in this system called elections. The end result of an election is the Assemblies we get, that we are witnessing today.

What stops us from amending the constitution to have parliamentarians get selected through competitive examinations on the pattern of CSS exams, but tailormade for the criteria required for a parliamentarian. This should be the new world order, in fact. Elections by default are an inefficient and worn out system of the past, which does not meet the requirements of today’s smart and result oriented world. .. CN report, 17 Jun 2021

2 thoughts on “Pathetic standard of Parliament: System for selection of parliamentarians need be changed

  1. These so called parliamentarians should be charged with blasphemy as they were throwing the budget copy which has the name of Allah and Prophet (PBUH) on top. Imagine if some Christian or other non muslim had done this they would have been charged with blasphemy and maybe even lynched by an angry mob.

  2. The so called parliamentary system has led us to this pass. The manipulated elections always bring the most corrupt and uncivilised people to the parliament and the proof is what we witnessed on the occasion of budget session. Besides physical assault every kind of verbal abuses were hurled at each other. The so called women parliamentarians did not lag behind as they also equally participated in this dirty show which was not only unbecoming of a respectable woman but infact very shameful.
    If the present system continues, we will continue to be ruled by crooks and corrupt elements forever.
    This is also true that this rotten system can not be changed easily and peacefully. The deprived, oppressed and those with conscience will have to make big sacrifices to bring about a change in the land of pure where impurity has taken over every thing.

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