The passion for giving and taking credit, in Chitral

Chitral, the land of ‘Mohsin e Chitrals’

Chitral : The current facebook warfare between politicians as to who should get the credit for the Golen Gol power station, depicts a very peculiar culture in Chitral. Whether giving the credit or taking the credit for anything good happening, is an obsession in Chitral.

As the mother of all ‘credit wars’ stands the Lowari tunnel credit issue. Chitralis are still confused as to whom to give the credit for the tunnel as every leader seems to have swirled his spoon in the tunnel dish at some time, or so do their supporters claim.

The title of Mohsin e Chitral has been generously conferred on various personalities from time to time and the title keeps changing hands according to the ‘situation on ground’. When there is no outsider to accredit the credit to, Chitralis start fighting with each other for the credit, like Don Quixote charging at the windmills.. ‘Love me or hate me, but you cannot ignore me’ is the motto of Chitralis when it comes to taking or conferring a ‘credit’.??.. CN report, 29 Jan 2019

One thought on “The passion for giving and taking credit, in Chitral

  1. In established, civilised societies with economic and social stability, there is no fight for taking credit about development activities.. Such activities are considered routine matters and no body cares who did it and the person doing it also does not demand credit. Fighting for credit is only a sign of an underdeveloped society.

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