Passenger full van accident exposes the ‘strict lock down’ in Chitral

CHITRAL: A passenger van carrying 18 passengers coming from Peshawar to Chitral met an accident early morning Saturday near Saeedabad about 30 km from the town, leaving three persons injured. The accident for one sadly exposed the severity of the much hyped lock down in Chitral. A reliable person travelling from Islamabad to Chitral same day told our correspondent that there was no obstruction or checking on the way and he glided into Chitral happily. Though it is virtually impossible to impose a fool proof lock down in any place, let alone far flung Chitral, but at least realistic claims should be made regarding the whole situation. .. GH Farooqui, Chitral 04 Apr 2020

NB: In a clarification press note Deputy Commissioner Lower Chitral has said that the involved vehicle was not coming from Peshawar but it was sent by the administration to pick up passengers belonging to upper Chitral, from Ashret, where they had reached by foot. He said the travelers from upper Chitral are directly sent to their area where they are kept in quarantine centers. The DC also said that thus far 346 people have been shifted to 30 quarantine centres for two a two week period in the district.

One thought on “Passenger full van accident exposes the ‘strict lock down’ in Chitral

  1. Quarantine is not the alternate to proper testing. A European make test kit costs Rs 3000. People testing negative can straight away go home and avoid this unhealthy 14 day quarantine where the govt (only on their food) is spending Rs 15000 per person.
    I saw a 7 day old baby in such a quarantine here. Both mother and baby were miserable. I felt so bad for the baby that I immediately sent fruit and good food for the mother.

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