All parties meeting threatens extreme reaction over PA seat withdrawal

Chitral : An all parties meeting convened by district president PTI Abdul Latif warned the government that if the proposed withdrawal of one PA seat from Chitral district was practicalised, the political parties of Chitral would not only totally boycott the next general elections in 2018, but the present members of Assemblies and the complete district government would resign prematurely in protest.

They said Chitral had a special geographic significance expanding over a vast area and only temporary population should not be the basis of any such consideration. Those who participated in the meeting included Molana Jamshed Ahmad Amir JI, Saeed Ahmad Khan president PMLN, Eidul Hussain president ANP, Molana Abdul Shakoor GS JUI, Muhammad Hakim Advocate GS PPP, Sajidullah president District Bar Association, Zahiruddin President Chitral Press Club, and senior members of various political parties. .. CN report, 24 Dec 2017

2 thoughts on “All parties meeting threatens extreme reaction over PA seat withdrawal

  1. It is the Election Commission and not the government who decides on the seats. And election commission decides on merit without looking at political repercussions.

  2. If All Parties meetings mattered, last year they had a dozen meetings demanding passage through the tunnel 3 days instead of 2. The NHA disregarded their resolutions and did what it wanted. Now this is a national matter and not so easy as tunnel passage time. What can one expect from the ‘All parties’ meetings.

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