All Parties meeting rejects weekly tunnel opening schedule

Chitral — A meeting of heads/leaders of All Parties including civil society associations and trade associations rejected the one day a week tunnel opening schedule announced by NHA, terming it insufficient and impracticable.. The meeting chaired by the?District Nazim and participated by heads/reps of all political parties and civil society organisations. demanded at least two days opening of the tunnel per week otherwise a protest against the present arrangement would be launched, the District Nazim said.— BH Azad, 26 Nov 2016.

2 thoughts on “All Parties meeting rejects weekly tunnel opening schedule

  1. It is really a matter of shame that for such a petty matter all parties have to convene a joint meeting and give out a joint resolution which usually finds it’s way to the dustbin. What is so difficult about opening the tunnel for two days instead of one? Since the last six years we are undergoing the same torture and neither is the tunnel completing. If a bigger tunnel in Hunza can be completed in two years, why is this damn thing taking donkey’s years. There is something terribly wrong with our leadership who only hold all parties meeting and then go home and relax. No follow up, no action.

  2. Instead of holding a meeting, all parties heads should hold a dharna at the tunnel to press this demand. We will all join them. Meetings are useless.

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