Pakistan’s population explosion: A bane can be transformed into a boon

CHITRAL: Pakistan’s galloping population growth is widely considered as one reason for it’s economic woes. True as it may be, but till the time the population is controlled, which seems difficult due to cultural and religious factors, a fresh perspective may be considered: Can this population surge be channeled into a powerful engine for the nation’s progress? We can learn from China’s transformation. Experts are advocating for innovative approaches to utilize Pakistan’s abundant human capital, particularly its youth and significant female population.

Fostering a skilled workforce, unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit, and creating an environment where everyone, especially women and even children, can fully contribute.

China’s economic boom offers valuable lessons. By investing in education and training, China equipped its workforce with the skills needed to fuel its industrial boom. Pakistan can replicate this model by prioritizing education, vocational training, and entrepreneurship development programs. This will ensure the young generation possesses the tools to thrive in the modern economy.

Furthermore, Pakistan’s female population represents a largely untapped reservoir of talent. Empowering women through access to quality education, healthcare, and equal opportunities in the workplace can unlock their immense potential. By removing societal and cultural barriers, women can become entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders in various sectors.

Initiatives like microfinance programs and skill development workshops specifically targeting women can be game-changers. Additionally, promoting flexible work arrangements and providing affordable childcare facilities can further encourage female participation in the workforce.

The government can play a crucial role in shaping this transformation. Building robust infrastructure, developing Special Economic Zones, and attracting foreign investment can create new job opportunities. Streamlining business regulations and fostering a culture of innovation will help nurture a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Embracing technological advancements is another key aspect. By investing in digital infrastructure and promoting IT literacy, Pakistan can prepare its workforce for the jobs of tomorrow. This will also empower women to work remotely and participate in the digital economy.

The journey towards utilizing Pakistan’s growing population productively won’t be easy. It demands a change in mindset, a commitment to investing in human capital, and a sustained effort to create an enabling environment. However, by drawing inspiration from China’s success story and focusing on education, skills development, and female empowerment, Pakistan can transform its demographic challenge into a demographic dividend, paving the way for a brighter future. .. CN report, 29 Dec 2023

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