Pakistan’s economy can be strengthened by curbing imports

CHITRAL: Pakistan spends a huge sum of it’s money on import of various items from gasoline to tea to edible oil, not to talk about Airplanes, vehicles, medicines and even cosmetics. Much of the import burden can be cut down with concerted efforts. The import of gasoline can be curbed by speeding up the electrification of all vehicles, big and small, the import of tea can be cut down or even halted by cultivating tea in our hilly terrain areas, even olive cultivation can cut down olive oil import. The import of vehicles and airplanes can be banned for sometime at least, and most importantly the import of weapons can be curbed by adopting an aggressive policy of friendship with neighbours.

Pakistan needs to focus on reducing the burden of imports, more than the earnings from exports, as the former far outweigh the later. .. CN report, 01 Feb 2021

One thought on “Pakistan’s economy can be strengthened by curbing imports

  1. Go to any grocery store and you find imported apple vinegars which are best sellers, while our markets are flooded with variety of apples. You see imported honey, imported jams, imported hair colours, imported toothpaste and even imported sweets and chocolates. Why should we give away our scarce foreign exchange to industries which foreigners own in foreign countries. The government should either ban or at least impose formidable taxes on such like items at least, if it cannot do anything about import of weapons, etc.

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