Pakistanis prove secret ballot is not for them

Chitral: The secret balloting carried out for a no confidence motion against the sitting Chairman Senate proved a misnomer as have all previous secret balloting in Pakistan proved. The opposition had a clear majority in the upper house but when the voting result came out almost a dozen ‘horses’ had defected in the dark.

Not that the opposition is any more principled than the ruling party. In fact they are all specks of the same dust. If it were the opposition in power they would have done the same thing. Might is authority in this country and principles and scruples are but for those who do not get a chance to flout them.

As honesty and integrity are not taught to Pakistanis at any stage and in any forum, rather unscrupulousness is tacitly approved as a norm in the society, the practice of secret ballot for any purpose should be done away with in Pakistan and people should be asked to show guts and openly declare their support for whomever they want to. .. CN report, 01 Aug 2019


Comment 2

Some people argue that secret ballot is good because voters can vote according to his/her conscience. Surprisingly, it has been observed the conscience is somehow always towards the powerful. We never hear secret ballot voters voting for the underdog however true he/she may be on principles. This means there is no element of conscience in secret balloting. It is pure horse trading and should be abolished soon. .. Altaf, Ahmad 04 Aug 2019

Comment 1

When everybody is complaining of horse trading in secret balloting, why don’t they unanimously change the procedure to open voting. The constitution can be amended in ten minutes for it, if the parliamentarians want to. .. Ghias uddin, 03 Aug 2019

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