Are Pakistani Shops Selling Flour with Plastic and Rubber in Them?

?Recently, some videos surfaced online which claimed that the flour used in Pakistani homes and restaurants contains rubber and plastic. They implyied that these two substances are what makes it elastic and sticky.

Understandably, that video went viral. People also started accusing food companies of providing substandard flour to the masses.?The truth, however, is another matter entirely.

Saima Rasheed, a registered dietitian has clarified that those reports and claims are wrong. She explained the whole thing in an interview to a private channel and said that reports of rubber and plastic present in flour products are wrong.

Plastic is Not There

Dr Saima told that the plastic-looking material that we observe in those viral videos is actually gluten, which?is naturally present in wheat and other crops.

She explained the whole process for extracting gluten from flour dough. Saima said that if you take the dough and wash it under a faucet, the wheat flour will wash away, leaving behind a plastic-like material. That plastic-like material is a naturally occurring protein found in many seeds.

Gluten actually helps the dough stay together. Doctor Saima also said that the reason corn/maize flour doesn?t hold together is because it lacks gluten.

Rest assured, your flour may or may not contain other pollutants. But plastic or rubber is definitely not present in your roti, biscuits or pizza.


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