It is Pakistani people who turn their leaders sour

The misfortune of Pakistan is that when it first elects leaders they are mostly well intended who wish to do something for the country but in return demand loyalty and acknowledgement from the people. When the time of trial comes upon them the Pakistani people blatantly abandon them. So next time when such leaders manage to stage a comeback?and grab power, they are full of vengeance against the people AKA ‘Democracy is the best revenge’ phenomenon.

The case of Benazir revenging through democracy is a good example. Her father talked about the people (real intentions God knows) but at least he talked about the poor and the masses. When he was deposed and later sent to the gallows not a?voice of protest was raised from any?where. However when his daughter used his name and came into power through democratic elections, she raised the slogan of ‘Democracy is the best revenge’ and true to her slogan she took revenge from the people of Pakistan for not protesting?her father’s?execution.?Zardari carried the mission forward ?and led Pakistan to a state where a PPP minister on TV declared “We have a right over corruption”.

In the case of Nawaz Sharif also the story goes?quite the same way. When he first became prime minister he was full of patriotic intentions/expressions and wanted the country to become economically stable. When he was deposed and bundled out of the country, not a voice of protest was raised in his favour. In between he attempted to land back in Pakistan but was deported from the airport by the millitary without a whimper from the people, even his own party men. So when he managed to row?back into power through ‘democracy’ he made sure that he?settles?his score with the people, and thus started concentrating on amassing wealth for himself and his family, which he concluded was the only weapon?to?win over the Pakistani people.

Musharraf who considered himself a?hero of Pakistan and thought?he had done favors to the country was dealt with in the same Pakistani coin when he ‘triumphantly’ landed at Karachi the home of his favourite party the MQM. So now if he ever came to power he would naturally punish the people in his own way for their unfaithfulness.

Actually it is the?character weakness of the people of Pakistan who make idols out of fragile persons when destiny flings them?into power?and dump these ‘great leaders’?into the rubbish bin when they become weak. We must conduct a grand study on this aspect and suggest measures which can strengthen the character fabric of the Pakistani people at large, otherwise we will see this phenomenon being repeated again and again. — CN Editorial, 20 Feb 2017.

2 thoughts on “It is Pakistani people who turn their leaders sour

  1. Whose fault that not people of Pakistan but so called leaders their basic goal rise to politics is benefit themselves: how a leader can ignore and not have basic home work to move county forward why all the hospitals in the country lack clean maintenance basic hot and cold water and lack modern equipment properly trained doctors and paramedical staff why a doctor is inchsrge to run hospital when he lacks training of management let a mainagment team run it let doctors treat patients look at school colleges universities airports roads basically all the infrastructure look at remote area they are not even developed people die by mulptiple number daily basis look at gilgit sakardu a pretty and beautiful piece of land lot prettier than Switzerland but no roads no gas no clean drinking water

  2. Provide basic infrastructure people will work out and creat and establish buisiness: government responsibility is build and maintain basic infrastructure: what a good leader need to do following 1 build a big dam and I would recommend sakardu dam which can produce 15000 megawatt of power. Can store 30 million cubic sf water which enough for whole Pakistan. Stop. Flood down stream 2 mine gold in Baluchistan and sell at Dubai market and spend on people life improvement 3 sell all governors and chief ministers official residence and let them live at simple homes 4 spend lot of money on improving schools . Colleges . Universities establish vigorous research. Centers give more money to sparks give them objectives oriented goals. 5 have navy but destroyers subs and buy more sophisticated and lethal fighters and lot more could be done

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