Pakistani nation: A hero here, zero there

CHITRAL: It is very unique of the Pakistani people that where they are way ahead in one field, they are miserably lacking in the other more important one. When it comes to observing religious rites and rituals we are second to none, in fact we are the ‘greatest’. Our Cities and villages have the highest density of mosques per square kilometre in the world. Our mosques are full of prayer goers five times a day. Our people are die hard observers of Ramadan and never compromise on fasting come what may. They even fast during travelling and when ill. We are the

country which sends second highest number of pilgrims for Haj and Umra and we have highest number of repeat Haj and Umra goers compared to any other country in the world. In the current pandemic situation when all other muslim countries have imposed a ‘pray at home’ rule, our government has graciously allowed people to pray collectively in the mosques. Considering all the above facts and factors, we can call our nation a HERO.

However when it comes to owning a reputation in the comity of nations, we are 156 in the list of most corrupt countries. ranking only above a few wretched ones. We are not trusted nor depended on. Our religiosity has not made any effect on our conduct in everyday lives, vis a vis honesty, dependability, righteousness and truthfulness,. Unfortunately, there we are a big ZERO .. CN report, 21 Apr 2020

3 thoughts on “Pakistani nation: A hero here, zero there

  1. This is very unfortunate and despicable display of religiousity in the ‘ land of the pure’. When show off in religious practice becomes a norm, we cannot expect any good from the self -styled champions of Islam.

  2. One reason that comes to mind for the poor record of everyday conduct of a very ritualistic and religious people is that the preachers keep harping on their narrative of the writing-off of sins with prayers and rituals to the tune of a happy audience. It is only natural that when a person believes it is so easy to write-off one’s sins by just praying, why should they sacrifice on their worldly temptations. Once this fact is inculcated in the minds of muslims that sins against humanity (haqooq ul ibaad) shall not be pardoned by Allah, everything else will fall in place.

  3. Very true. While we do not relax on praying in mosque and fasting even though concessions there upon have been granted by Allah in certain circumstances, but where no concession is allowed under any circumstance, i.e compromise on being Sadiq and Ameen, honest and truthful, we stand no where.

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