Pakistan shows guts in foreign policy for the first time

CHITRAL: Pakistan has for the first time stood up to the OIC ‘s torturous silence on Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir. foreign Minister SM Qureshi, while talking to TV reporters said that Saudi Arabia and UAE must clearly say whether they are with us or not with us on Kasmir issue. He said, if he does not receive a reply, he will ask the Prime Minister to convene a meeting of countries that support the Kashmir cause irrespective of whether they are members of OIC or not.

.. CN report, 06 Aug 2020

One thought on “Pakistan shows guts in foreign policy for the first time

  1. Saudi Arabia and UAE are not condemning India for atrocities on muslims in Kashmir for the same reasons that Pakistan is not condemning China for atrocities on muslims in Uyghur area – economic interests. Damn be principles and damn be muslim ummah.

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