Pakistan should follow the Bangla Desh model for prosperity

CHITRAL: When Bangladesh, then East Pakistan, broke away from West Pakistan in 1971, it was a symbol of impoverishment. Now after 48 years when we compare both countries, Bangla Desh beats our Pakistan by a distance in terms of prosperity and stability. According to figures published in DAWN, “The earlier caricature of a country on life support disappeared years ago. Today, some economists say it shall be the next Asian tiger. Its growth rate last year (7.8 per cent) put it at par with India (8.0pc) and well above Pakistan (5.8pc). The debt per capita for Bangladesh ($434) is less than half that for Pakistan ($974), and its foreign exchange reserves ($32 billion) are four times Pakistan?s ($8bn)”.

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Why can’t we at least copy a country which was a ‘younger brother’ of ours and dependent on us for it’s survival, but has now overtaken us in every field of progress. Why can’t we learn from others. Why have we to continue making same mistakes over and over again and make no effort to rectify them. Why after all does somebody not emerge who can put the country on the right track instead of chanting hypothetical emotional slogans like ‘Madina Riyasat’ etc which every one knows is next to impossible in today’s world.

Pakistan should seriously think of amending it’s way of governance. If Meritocracy is a far cry given today’s mindset of people, then at least a tested system like that of Bangla Desh should be adopted.? Something should be done, for goodness sake instead of going round and round in the same circle of no joy. .. CN report, 05 Nov 2019

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