Pakistan politics in the throes of personality worship and emotional outbursts

CHITRAL: Politics of Pakistan has never been something that can be mentioned as being satisfactory, let alone being good. Instability and push/pull phenomenon have always been the hallmark of politics of this supposed to be nation state. The country has paid dearly for this instability and today despite being bestowed with enviable natural resources and human power, Pakistan is dragging itself on it’s hind feet.

The latest political schmozzle in the country is a cumulative result of the absence of a stable system of governance in the country. The already unbridled population is clearly divided into extremes with personality cult worship as the underlying driving factor rather than any manifesto or viable issue, on both sides of the divide. Frenzied chanting of slogans in favour of their leaders and against the opponent leader with name calling and literal abuses has over taken sensibility and stability. For how long can this continue? As long as the present system of government continues, we will be travelling in a tunnel without seeing any light at the end of it.

The world is full of examples of stable government systems. In Switzerland the head of government keeps changing hands between the elected counsel of ministers on yearly basis and a common citizen does not even know the name of sitting head of government but governance is perfect. Here all we know is the name of the head of government and either we are for him or against him, while governance is thrown to dogs.

Why can’t we emulate stable governance systems practiced or even copy paste them if we seek any betterment. Why cannot we opt for the system of ‘Meritocracy‘ which can out perform the systems of even Switzerland or Singapore. Why do we have to forever dance in a circle of no joy .. Why?  .. CN report, 12 April, 2022

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