Pakistan needs confidence, not ‘no confidence’

CHITRAL: Ever since the stable government of FM Ayub Khan was brought down due to riots and protests, no confidence in all subsequent governments by the people has become a regular matter. No government stands up to it’s manifesto and miserably fails to deliver it’s promises. Both military and civil heads of governments have come one after another and dissapointed the people, rising to their own level of incompetence, corruption and resultant failure. The Drama seems to be being re-enacted in present day Pakistan. The Talk of the country is ‘no confidence motion’ against the incumbent government

For how long will we be entangled in protests and no confidences. Unfortunately pretenders to the throne are already tested ones who had no confidence movements against them in their tenure of power. Why can’t we have a government which does not give a chance to the opposition to indulge in disruptive campaigns and activities. Why cannot a government earn the confidence of the people?. Is is that difficult? Of course not. There are so many countries where there is a stable government delivering as per aspirations of the people. Why can’t we have one, for a change, at least. .. CN report, 23 Feb 2022

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