Pakistan needs an ‘honest’ govt run by AI

CHITRAL: The word ‘honesty’ is easy said than done, especially in Pakistan. When our religious teachers recommend short Quranic verses (Dua) and rituals to wash away a hundred years strain of sins, how can we expect people to adopt honesty as a policy. The people in government are of the same ilk bred and brought up under the same conditions.

A scientific way of dealing with the human failing as we see in Pakistan is to set up a government administered and managed by Artificial Intelligence (AI). This concept is being adopted by China, by first transforming it’s judicial system to be administered by AI, later they will shift the whole governance system to AI. Pakistan needs a human intervention free system most, as human values are least found here. .. CN report, 24 Jan 2023

6 thoughts on “Pakistan needs an ‘honest’ govt run by AI

  1. To allow such a system to function we would need sincere and honest leadership who are willing to forego perks and privileges, our government spends over 400 billions annually on these perks , will they willingly surrender so much money to the cause of Pakistan, for that we would need to import a Chinese leader.

  2. Our ruling elite has always been shying away from any thing that makes the governance system people friendly and corruption free. if the AI intervention is adapted that will not allow the rampant corruption and violation of meritocracy, but will be resisted by our ruling elites tooth and nail.

  3. I agree. What is going on in Pakistan in the name of government and politics is a farce. Our redemption lies in Artificial Intelligence

  4. AI would best suite Pakistan because here we base our decisions, our votes, our likes and dislikes, our judgement on others, all are based on emotions which is counterproductive in today’s logic driven world.

  5. Thieves and robbers will alwys remain active for as long as the people at large will sleep. The fault lies with the people. Not anyone else. When people shall wake up, if they ever do, then we should expect things to get better.

  6. Makes sense, because in Pakistan political leaders exploit the sentiments of people to get votes and then fail to deliver. Some examples are: “I will sell my clothes to buy flour for the poor”, “I will drag him (opponent)on the streets of Lahore”, I will demolish the walls of governor houses and make them public places”, I will turn the prime minister house into a university” etc. Our emotionally immature people need some system where emotions are totally ignored while decisions are made.

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