Pakistan needs a new constitution

CHITRAL: Constitutions have been revised and rewritten every where in the world whenever the need arose and when it was deemed fit to do so. As per latest news, Turkey is vying to adopt a totally new constriction.

Pakistan is one country which needs a new constitution the most according to ground reality checks. The present constitution was drafted and adopted posthaste just after the breakup of the country. Not much diligence went into framing of this all important document which has shaped the contorted form of our country till date.

The country is supposed to be an Islamic country as per the constitution, but hardly is anything Islamic about it other than the ban on alcohol. In an Islamic state, hands of a thief is supposed to be chopped off. If that is implemented, there would only be a handful of people left with full hands. Likewise so many dichotomies belie the constitution as being Islamic. We can at best say, Pakistan is as Islamic as ‘bank Islami’ or other similar named banks are truly Islamic Banks.

A new constitution is needed to be framed very carefully by experts. Religion must be given it’s due respect and importance. Practical clauses must be adopted from it, but the name of the country should be ‘Republic of Pakistan’. Reason being, when we attach the prefix ‘Islamic’, it has a lot of responsibilities and obligations with the name, which we cannot fulfill as we are not fulfilling today. Merely attaching the name ‘Islamic Republic’ is like having a ‘Bismillah Store’, ‘Ma shaa Allah Tailors’, ‘Macca Cola’ ‘Muslim banaspati’ etc.

The new constitution of Pakistan should ideally be one which should include ‘Meritocracy’ as the system of government, but if that is too rich to be palatable today, at least the system of Presidential government which is being practiced in 90 percent of the countries of the world, should be the linchpin of the new constitution.  .. CN report, 06 Feb 2021        

3 thoughts on “Pakistan needs a new constitution

  1. Whatever the constitution, it must be taught at the Military academies and staff Colleges, at least the portion which deals with the duties and obligations of the armed forces.

  2. This is high time to revisit the constitution of Pakistan and overhaul the entire system keeping in view the ground realities and problems faced by common man. The present system has practically failed to protect the rights of poor people. The present parliamentry system has not only failed but promoted a gang of mafias who have been looting and plundering the resources of the country and have left nothing. We need a completely new system and a social contract that determines the clear role of every state institution and safeguards the rights of common citizens and ensures justice for every body.

  3. It is not the Constitution, it is the people at large. People who are responsible for bringing slavery and thus trouble upon themselves and what more, this tragedy is also universal. People everywhere in the world display utterly most irresponsible behaviour when it comes to their taking interest in their wellbeing and their destiny.
    Every people friendly thinker, philosopher has come and gone advising people to organise their coming together regularly and permanently to make themselves collectively able to take interest in those matters that affect their life and destiny. It is here that people at large more so the intellectuals among them show utter irresponsibility.
    So what is needed is that the intellectuals living in every locality need to organise their steering committee, thus bring all people of their locality, together to organise their local union of the people, and then work for their collective welfare and security through such a union.
    Are there Muslims around? No. Muslims make promise through the Kalimah, to obey no one but the Almighty (Allah in Arabic) and thus prove their promise through their deeds. Everyone claiming to be Muslim, will be asked on the day of Judgement as to what they did to live up to their Kalimah in bringing about the rule of Udl wul Ehsaan in their deeds and in the localities where they have been living.
    So if there were Muslims around, there would have been the rule of Udl wul Ehsaan everywhere, where they live. Sadly there is no proof of coming across many Muslims in those countries which are known as Muslim majority countries.
    So it is not the constitution. The constitution for every Muslim is out their in the fourth Testament i.e. in the Holy Quraan. It is the people who are seen to be ignoring. Ignoring the advice of people friendly intellectuals. Ignoring Almighty’s Command to unite by organising their peoples’ Jumeeyah and Shoorah and thus work collectively to bring about the rule of Udl wul Ehsaan. Islamic regime does not mean going on the orgy of chopping off hands and heads. Most of such people indulging in such orgies are unfit to punish anyone. Why? They never search their souls before casting their stone on others. What more. This is what the Almighty warned the humankind. “If I was to take account of the humankind today, no soul shall survive My scrutiny “. Yet we see man many people showing their deluded attitude i.e. “I am holier than thou”.

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