Pakistan needs a new constitution

CHITRAL: The current constitutional imbroglio warrants that the document needs to be revisited and rewritten in accordance with the altered situation and ground realities. A constitution that has so many lacunas and loop holes that can be exploited and interpreted to own benefit by any shrewd lawyer, any time, needs to be redone. After all the document has not come from heaven. It was framed by politicians of the time according to needs of the time. Now, the needs have changed and therefore the document needs to be amended accordingly.

To begin with, the constitution should be absolutely elaborate which it is not. The UN charter is written in French instead of English because the former is a much elaborate language than English. To explain it, the French version of the English phrase “What is it?” is “qu’est-ce que c’est”? meaning “what is it that is”?. Such is the requirement of elaboration in writing a constitution.

The constitution of Pakistan should be re-written for the benefit of Pakistan, and preferably the system of government should be defined as not formed through politics or elections but through the process of Meritocracy. Only then can we avoid perpetual horse trading, constitutional violations and military interventions etc which plague our country today. .. CN report, 04 Apr 2024

One thought on “Pakistan needs a new constitution

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