Pakistan ignoring elephant(s) in the room, stuck in a circle of no-joy

CHITRAL: Pakistan’s condition as a state and a country is going from bad to worse with each passing day. We keep discussing and debating about what to do to arrest the down slide but nothing seems to be working. We change governments through ballot and often through ‘bullet’, change faces to find the eventual ‘saviour, keep wailing and whining but to no avail.

The problem with Pakistan is that it does not address the underlying real problems that beset it and instead keeps beating about the bush and going round and round in a circle of no joy. Some of the problems that need to be addressed on emergency basis if Pakistan needs to address it’s downslide are:

Runaway population growth: It is actually the top most problem, though may not seem so on the face of it. Pakistan’s rate of population increase is the highest in South Asia and soon will be a top contender in the world in this regard. The worst part is the population is not channelized or made useful, instead it is let wild and the result is disaster as we see in different forms.

Role of the Army: Armed forces are an important institution of any country but they have their defined roles and stick to it. In Pakistan the Army has been intervening in state affairs right since it’s inception and the intervention has kept increasing so much that even democratic governments come into being with the help of the Army and then are pliant to it. It is time that ‘Pakistan’ arranges a serious dialogue between the civilian democratic government and the army to clarify and establish it’s role as per the role of armies in other countries around the world. Only then can the country move ahead.

Education: Our education standards are abysmally low. We only export uneducated labour to other countries who earn a miniscule of what educated people earn there. Education could have been our best investment at the time of independence onwards. We would by now have been roaring ahead of most countries because education would have by default killed extremism, terrorism and exploitation of sorts. Unfortunately we did nothing about it.

Pakistan has a lot of potential to improve itself. If put on the right track now, at least our next generation would benefit if not us- Pakistan Painda baad.

 .. CN report, 07 June 2022

4 thoughts on “Pakistan ignoring elephant(s) in the room, stuck in a circle of no-joy

  1. We should stop fooling ourselves with empty slogans and emotional high bursts.. No superficial measures are going to improve our condition unless the ‘black hole’ is plugged.

  2. You have rightly identified the three real and chronic issues of Pakistan which have been ignored since independence. Our uneducated population is exploding like a bomb which needs to be controlled on war footing.
    The meddling of our army in politics and protection of their vested financial interest at the peril of the poor is no secret. The politicians always played in the hands of the army generals to remain in power and ignored what was actually needed to make the country self -sufficient and that is the reason we have reached this pass and begging for every single dollar.
    This is high time serious dialogue with all the stake holders must be held and agreement should be reached on resetting our priorities and non interference in each other’s domain.

  3. Nothing has changed, nothing shall change for the people. Nothing and never. Not until the people at large will do what the people of Mudeenah did. The people of Mudeenah achieved success and never looked back.
    Unlike us, they showed their Kalimah in their deeds, obeyed the Almighty thus came out of their homes to join hands with each other to solve their problems themselves collectively, methodically and peacefully.
    For all these so many decades we failed to achieve even a Pakistan. Why? We have not done what those people in Mudeenah, did. They worked collectively to achieve the success they could not achieve otherwise.
    They were a success and we? As we all can see, failure upon failure. Why? They came out to solve their problems themselves an we leave out our problems to be solved by those who only make promises.
    So the way is open for us all. Do we want to be a success as did the people of Mudeenah? We will need to follow in their footsteps. If we do not. We shall keep on tasting the life of failure and ignominy. Life of failure and ignominy by refusing to come out and solve our problem ourselves, collectively, methodically and peacefully.
    The choice is there for us to make. A life of hard work and success or a life of uncaring ease and ignominy?

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