Pakistan: Every Prime Minister leaving office alive is arrested for corruption; Why?

CHITRAL: It is strange that every Prime Minister who has left office alive in Pakistan has been charged with corruption and misuse of power by the succeeding government and even got arrested for the same. We have yet to see a living Prime Minister leaving office, gracefully. This is a unique phenomenon specific to Pakistan and speaks volumes about the moral fiber of the nation. Why after all does this happen? Is corruption a part of the bonusses a prime minister and his government ministers and officials are entitled to? In one particular case in the past, a sitting minister of state of PPP belonging to Baluchistan declared on TV that corruption was their right after taking over the government.

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The moral strength on which the present government came to power was that it would combat corruption. However, it has dismally failed to do so. Targeting few individuals calling them big culprits is all what has been done. Though something is better than nothing, but in this case of targeting a handful and leaving the government at large to enjoy corruption is just not what was expected and not what a good leader would do.

Though it is widely acclaimed (and rightly so) that the present prime minister has no financial corruption motives, but that is not enough of a qualification for a prime minister. It is not a matter of a single person. The government is the Prime Minister. If corruption thrives, the PM is responsible. .. CN report, 21 may, 2021

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  1. Unwittingly Prime Minister Imran Khan has done more harm to the cause of eradication of corruption than helping it. He has been talking too much about corruption but practically done nothing to stop it. The result is corrupt people in the government machinery across the board have become more emboldened. Earlier there were only Nawaz Sharif and Zardari, now every government official (with salutes to the noble exceptions) has become Nawaz Sharif and Zardari in their own domain as far as corruption is concerned. The fear of retribution has gone away from the hearts of the corrupt, in this government.

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