Pakistan can do better with adopting systems needing minimum human intervention

CHITRAL: In this age of automation and (almost) artificial intelligence, Pakistan is still stuck up with primitive methods of running government, institutions and businesses.

Needless to say that the human reliability index is abjectly poor in this country. Thanks to our elders, teachers and preachers, no body is ready to trust any body else. If you have an issue/problem and take it to a government office, the person(s) dealing with it there would by default ensure that the problem is not solved easily and all sorts of delay and negative tactics would be employed by him to impose his nuisance value on the petitioner. Government officials when carrying out their job consider it a favour rather than a duty. If you discuss some problem with a cleric, he will make sure that he beats you with his level of stubbornness instead of satisfying you with reason.

The better option for Pakistan is to automate everything possible, as soon as possible, reducing human interference to the minimum. The country can then takeoff towards progress in a fresh and healthy atmosphere. So far we are stuck with primitive ways, both in our thinking and in our management systems. .. CN report, 05 Dec 2020

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