Pakistan and India should not waste this golden opportunity

CHITRAL: Pakistan’s Army Chief and the defacto driver of this country has made a very positive policy statement, asking India to bury the hatchet and start a new era of peace in both countries and the region in general. This is an unprecedented statement from the commander of the armed forces about whom the general perception has been that both the military establishments of India and Pakistan have never wanted peace, as their prosperity depended on perpetrating a hostile environment.

The initiative by the Army chief is unexpected and unparalleled and if reciprocated by Indian rulers, can change the destiny of both the people and trade misery and poverty for peace and prosperity. After all, Pakistan and India have been sabre rattling and spitting poison at each other, creating unnecessary commotion and uproars for too long, presenting a scenario like two skeletons wrestling on a tin roof. In this age of reason and (even) artificial intelligence it would bode well for both countries to put discretion before valour and compete in eating the humble pie to sacrifice for peace, which the region and it’s downtrodden people are begging for. .. CN report, 21 Mar 2021

One thought on “Pakistan and India should not waste this golden opportunity

  1. Highly relevant editorial on an important subject.
    It is pertinent to mention here that the ‘’ had highlighted the importance of peaceful India-Pakistan relations for fighting poverty in the region in one of its editorials much before the statement of army chief.

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